March 27th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 29 March 2019

We find Liz cowering behind a fence because she lost Farley like she did last year when the milk bag broke for the same reason: she remembers that she has a hateful, imbecilic and pitiless common bridge-troll of a mother who thinks that if she forgives people just once, she won't be able to defend herself ever again.

Panel 1: Now that she's exhausted herself running from the phantom of Elly's frothing at the mouth over every tiny little thing rage, we find Elizabeth squatting down in an alley trying to look inconspicuous as she thought-bubbles that Farley is gone and she cannot go home without him. This is because she is not aware that this is simply another instance in which he returned home after roaming the neighbourhood under-supervised.

Panel 2: If she returns home without him, they'll hate her and say it's her fault (which it really is); she then asks herself what she's going to go if she can't go home.

Panel 3: She decides to stay where she is either for the rest of her life or until she gets hungry....

Panel 4: ....Whichever comes first.

Summary: If you want to get on Elly's bad side in the most efficient manner possible, you'd do well to remind her that her children are terrified of her and see her as a rock colossus of unyielding, unforgiving rage. Liz is just wrong about what Elly is going to resent FOREVER and never forgive because if she ever does, why, that means that she can never object to anything, dammit!!