March 25th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

It turns out that Richard and Christopher are actually simply exploiting Elizabeth's panic for their own petty and self-serving ends.

Panel 1: Since Elizabeth is desperate for a damned good reason that will this August stand around baying at the moon about having to buy glasses in bulk and stop faking tears, MOMMY IS ANGRY AND DOESN'T WANT TO FEEL EMPATHY FOR SOMEONE WHO'S MINORLY INCONVENIENCED HER, she actually asks Richard where he'd go if he were a dog.

Panel 2: When Christopher tells her to run because Richard's on the trail and is headed to the corner store, we see that they actually put the leash around his mid-section so that Liz can be pulled behind him.

Panel 3: Upon finding that Farley isn't there, an out of breath Liz asks them why they made her run all that way if he wasn't there.

Panel 4: Liz scowls with rage when Christopher explains that Richard (who's salivating because he's next to a gumball machine) probably heard the change in her pocket.

Summmary: Someone who could think straight would probably have avoided getting in this situation by not taking these two seriously. Liz cannot think straight because of what she's going home to.