March 22nd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 24 March 2019

We spend a Sunday watching Elly chastise John for snoring only to have it be revealed that she has no idea that she also snores like a band saw.

Panel 1: We begin another overly-long daily strip with Elly being kept away by John's snoring.

Panel 2: She turns her head because she's about to wake him up.

Panel 3: We begin the three-panel long process by her jostling him and saying "John?" to no effect because he's fast asleep and snoring loudly.

Panel 4: Saying "Honey?" in a slightly louder voice has the same no effect.

Panel 5: Getting rage-faced and barking "Wake up!!" does the trick because he awakens and reminds us that Lynn can't process the 'h' sound in the exclamation "Huh?"

Panel 6: When she tells him that he was snoring again, he meekly says "Oh" in response.

Panel 7: She irritates aprilp_katje by prefacing her comment about how it's like sleeping next to a chain saw with the sentence modifier "Honestly!!"

Panel 8: When she huffily hopes that she can get back to sleep, he meekly apologizes.

Panel 9: She yawns and smacks her lips.

Panel 10: John's eyes are almost out on stalks because now, Elly is the one snoring loudly. This is because he knows that he can never tell the angry lunatic next to him that she snores without getting a pillow to the face for lying to her and insulting her.

Summary: I do hope that if we do get a Lynn's Comments about this one, it would be "people always ask why John and Elly never seem to get much sleep despite getting to bed at ten or so at night; this is my answer."