March 21st, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 23 March 2019

We set up next week's exercise in stupidity, blame evasion and cowardice by having Liz demonstrate that she'd have distinct problems taking care of a pet rock.

Panel 1: If I didn't know that this is probably the first time (and will probably end up being the last time) Elizabeth had walked Farley, the Elly-like rage face she has because Farley is happily sniffing at a tree instead of going on the RUN he's "supposed" to be going on would hint at this.

Panel 2: Once again, he's taking his sweet time because he needs to sniff a hydrant conflicts with the run she's convinced herself that she's supposed to take him on and she is not happy.

This, as I said, is because she thinks that she is being punished for his failure to eat what Elly is willing to give him.

Panel 3: We next see her about to take a dangerous short-cut to fix another problem caused by her inattention. This is because his leash has become tangled in a shrub because she doesn't understand that dogs don't really know what leashes are. Since she's a Patterson, she blames him for her stupidity and proves how dumb she is by unhooking the leash in the belief that he gladly stay because it's convenient. Since something has clearly caught his attention, this will prove to not be the case.

Panel 4: When he chases after some poor cat like always, Liz is standing there about half a block away futilely trying to call him back.

Summary: As we will see Monday, Lizardbreath displays the same integrity she will one day display when discussing the collapse of her relationship with Paul and blame the dog for her being inexperienced, impatient and ignorant. This is almost a film called How NOT To Walk A Dog.