March 18th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

20 March 2019, Elly has no business diagnosing people.

I know that my original draft for today's "Let's make another fat joke to keep Elly too angry to go on a rampage" strip accidentally launched too soon but it behooves us to remember that this won't be the first time that she let her ignorance of biology make life worse and it won't be the last.

Panel 1: Since Elly won't admit that Farley begs for scraps because she let him and the reason that he's refusing his food is that she didn't gradually introduce the new stuff like she's supposed to, she wants John to agree with her that he's getting fat.

Panel 2: John asks her how she can tell because of all of that hair covering him.

Panel 3: As John makes to put his arms around Farley, Elly says that he's shaped like a footstool and tells him to put his arms around him so he can feel the dog's ribcage.

Panel 4: John irritates Elly by making a smart remark about forgetting what ribs feel like.

Summary: Yesterday's strip was all about how she projected her own need to gorge herself on the dog and today's leads to her trying to con other people into following behind and being irritated when they try to make a smart remark about a subject they don't feel comfortable discussing. It's why eventually, she comes up with that inflammation on the brain stuff....she doesn't care enough to get the facts straight. What is never going to happen is her taking the dog to the vet to see what the problem is. The last time that happened, she was forced against her will to actually pay attention to what Farley ate and where he went and since that 'meant' that the dog was boss of her, she's not gonna do that again. Also, we're reminded that they only like being pet owners (or parents) when it's no hassle.....
Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 20 March 2019: First Draft....

We get to see why Farley will die of his owners' stupidity one day when John makes a fat joke when Elly asks him if he thinks that Farley is getting to be too fat.

Technical Note: The reason that this one is up too damned early is that we're dealing with something that really damned bugged me: without knowing why Farley won't eat his Bowzer Bits, Elly immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion because she will not go to the vet and John is no help because he wants to score points. This is why I ask myself "Why did they let these dunces have a dog in the first place."