March 15th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saint Patrick's Day 2019

We spend a Sunday watching Liz dribble treacle about sunbeams so that Lynn can pander to the base who want cute crap to tape to a refrigerator.

Panel 1: It seems as if we're catching up with the Pattersons fairly early on a weekend morning. That's because Liz is in a pink nightie staring at the sun as it comes up.

Panel 2: She smiles at the shadow her hand makes on the floor.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with her calling Elly's attention to the sunbeam coming through the window.

Panel 4: She then points out that it almost looks like something a person can touch.

Panel 5: Elly smiles when Liz says that's pretending that it's the cloth angel's gowns are made of.

Panel 6: She puts her arm up just so so that she can say that now, she's pretending it's a magic slide.

Panel 7: As she makes a shadow puppet, she says now, it's a movie projector.

Panel 8: We approach the payoff when Elly agrees with Liz that you can see a lot of neat things in a sunbeam.

Panel 9: We're reminded of who Elly is when she thought-bubbles that all she saw a few minutes ago was dust.

Summary: While this is nice and all, it's kind of dead certainty that five seconds or so after this, Liz's Magic Sunbeam went back to being a bunch of dust to clean up lest Marian materialize out of the luminiferous aether and call Elly a failure who should let a competent wife take charge of things.

Also, if Lynn hadn't managed to cut herself off from feedback because she can't and won't understand the world she lives in, she'd be getting a lot of letters from people who loved how The Mother and The Daughter interacted.