March 8th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 10 March 2019

We waste a Sunday watching Lynn nag her children about not dressing appropriately for winter conditions when Mike and a group of other children his age mock someone who isn't brainlessly freezing to death.

Panel 1: We start things off with Michael at a bus stop freezing half to death in a winter storm because for some reason that eludes Lynn, he's dressed for much warmer weather. As he shivers needlessly, a silhouette approaches.

Panel 2: It's revealed that said silhouette is Lawrence. Like Mike, he isn't wearing a hat, a scarf, gloves or snow boots and his spring jacket is also wide open. It's the sartorial equivalent of having all season tires on your car in the middle of winter.

Panel 3: As the strip proper begins, Alyson (who's wearing a short skirt and holding a shit-load of loose leaf like she's daring the wind to take it from her hands) and Darryl Smythe join Mike and Lawrence as members of Team Hypothermia. As they try in vain to warm up, a fifth person heads their way.

Panel 4: Lawrence invites the other three idiot children to check out the weird person coming their way.

Panel 5: Said odd figure is dressed properly for the cold day ahead. S/he's not only wearing a warm parka, ski pants, gloves, snow boots, a wool cap and a scarf, s/he's also carrying his or her homework in an actual binder like a sane person.

Panel 6: The person walks by the idiots freezing at the bus stop.

Panel 7: As s/he continues on his or her journey, they laugh at his or her expense.

Panel 8: They then go back to freezing like morons.

Summary: We're clearly headed for a Lynn's Comments about how Aaron and Kate seemed to court frostbite in the name of looking good that lets Elly clean off the hook for yelling about snow gear just left for her to pick up.