March 1st, 2019

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Since Lynn nags her kids and husband via comic strip about what they're doing to anger her, we're treated to another dreary example of the kids taking advantage of their poooooooor mother because they've imbibed her habit of moving the dirt around instead of actually getting anything done. In this instance, they're latching onto hair care products because Lynn was sick of finding her comb in someone else's hand.

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly pointing at her dresser and asking where the tissue box that's supposed to be on it is.

Panel 2: We set up the punchline of this overly long daily with Liz (who's about to begin her transformation to her Level 3 self (high ponytail, glasses) tomorrow) handing it back to Elly.

Panel 3: We next see John (who's just come out of the shower) asking where his hair dryer went.

Panel 4: He stands there like a galoot as Mike hands it back to him.

Panel 5: Having noticed that her comb has vanished, Elly asks who took it.

Panel 6: Yet again, Liz hands her back her comb. It's as if she does so because it's easy to find or something.

Panel 7: We tag Mike and John back in when John asks who swiped his deodorant. John is justified in looking pissed off because that falls nicely in the "beyond the pale" category. It's as if he hasn't evolved past the disgusting little boy who used to hang socks and underpants on door knobs with a stupid smile on his stupid face.

Panel 8: When Surly John grabs it back from Gobsmacked Mike, Elly asks what's going on around her.

Panel 9: She reminds Mike and Liz that they have soap and shampoo and supplies of their own before asking them why they keep using her and John's stuff.

Panel 10: We get a bog-standard "Kids live in dirt to make life hard for their poor mothers" thing when Liz states that they can find her and John's stuff. As always, Elly reacts to a punchline that everyone else could see coming a mile off is to react in baffled horror because her pea brain couldn't see it coming.

Summary: This, as I've said, impresses me as needing Panels 3 through 8 removed because it's an overly long daily strip about how kids live in filth to hurt their mothers. According to the idiots going all bug-eyed because they're once again caught totally by surprise by a predictable answer, we're not dealing with the inevitable end result of AWOL parents who refuse to teach their children respect for their parents and the property of other people, we're dealing with CHAOS.

Also, we're playing catch-up for the next little while between the Liz who looked like Cancon Cindy Brady and the one that wears glasses.