February 28th, 2019


Saturday, 2 March 2019

(Originally published Saturday, March 3, 1990)
They know nothing!  Nothing!

Panel 1: “So!  How was the dance?”  Really Elly?  When you honked the horn yesterday Michael was standing outside hand-in-hand with Martha, and this is the question you ask?  How about “So!  Who was that girl you were holding hands with?”  I guess this means Elly can’t honk and look at the same time.

Panel 2: The ink is pretty heavy on this one, but I do like the way the drawing puts Elly’s eyes in the rear view mirror.  The best part of the drawing is where Lynn Johnston apparently decided to put a Rorschach Test ink blot on the top of Gordon’s hat.  I don’t think we have seen the top of Gordon’s hat before.  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the top of Gordon’s hat?  My first thought is “CLEAN YOUR HAT!!”

Panel 3: This is an odd sort of physical humor.  Instead of being a safe driver and looking forward while seeing the boys in the rear view mirror, Elly turns completely around to look them directly in the eyes as if Michael’s “I guess so” response to her “Did you have fun?” from the prior panel is the most astonishing thing she has ever heard.  If you think back 3 weeks to when she dropped the boys off at the dance, then her astonishment makes sense.  Given the way Gordon and Michael were grimacing and Michael’s very negative thought balloons, any person would doubt they were going to have fun and would suspect they would be spending their evening scowling at the girls instead of dancing with them. 

Panel 4: Elly thinks her “Sigh” (as usual).  “The more that happens, …the less they tell”  Is that true?  Not really when you consider that Gordon and Michael weren’t talking to each other on the way to the dance either.  The boys are basically the same as they were before but their "frowns have been turned upside down."  To Elly’s point, she should always be suspicious when her son appears to be happy.  Now in real life, if a kid got drunk and got into a fight with a chaperone, that would lead to the school cracking down on student behavior in dances and there would be some kind of communication with parents where Elly would get to think, “What’s this all about?” and she might get the parent of one of the other students who actually talk to their parents to let her know.   In this universe, nothing like that is going to happen.

Summary: The dance is done.   We won’t see Martha again until next month, so it is back to dreadedcandiru2