February 25th, 2019


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

(Originally published Wednesday, February 28, 1990)
Gordon and more of his fantasies about Allyson Creemore

Panel 1: Darryl Smythe is back and eating a cookie and has a drink.  This is the most Darryl has talked since the boys were peeping in Molly’s bedroom window.  Michael pours a drink for himself and remarks that Gordon went in the cab with Allyson, so even Michael knows that it was unusual for Gordon to insist on traveling with Allyson in the cab ride home.  No Martha in sight.

Panel 2: Michael sets up the situation where Gordon might not have had enough money to get him back to school.  He also sets up the idea that he knew how much money Gordon had and he did not help Gordon out with some extra money.  In other words, this cab driver is going to boot this kid out of his cab in freezing February weather when the 12 dollars runs out.  What will the cab driver do if Gordon is found the next morning frozen to death?   Unlike Michael and Darryl who seem to be unconcerned about Gordon and are just concerned with eating and drinking, Martha looks nervously towards the door. 

Panel 3: Gordon walks back to the school and we see the snow on the ground to know it’s cold out.  For the second day in a row, Gordon quotes someone from pop culture and complains that they didn’t portray things correctly.  This time it is that love is supposed to keep you warm.  Yes, Gordon, the hard rock band Whitesnake got it wrong with their 1978 hit, "Love to Keep You Warm".  They were not talking about the weather.

Summary: It turns out the one thing that can stop Gordon from fantasizing about Allyson is his potential death.