February 22nd, 2019


Sunday, 24 February 2019

Let Hercules himself do what he may, The cat will mew, and dog will have his day.
[1600-1 Shakespeare Hamlet v. i. 286]

(Originally published Sunday, February 25, 1990)

Panel 1: Elizabeth and Christopher Nichols are in the background getting along and talking.  Lynn Johnston is getting pretty close to the Sunday where she introduces the very short-lived idea that Christopher has a crush on Elizabeth, so he is reintroduced here, but not named.  Is Elizabeth responsible for Farley being outside, or is he just roaming free?  This initial 2 panel section is the header for this Sunday strip and without it, the menace that is Farley starts on the inside of the house in Panel 3. 

Panel 2: The punchline of the two panel lead-in is just Elizabeth saying, “Farley, No!!” Lynn Johnston leaves it up to our imagination what Farley is doing that upsets Elizabeth and it could be anything.  The first panel would suggest it was something with the snowman and even there, it could be as simple as Farley grabbing the carrot nose.  However, knowing Lynn and her love of bathroom humor, I am going to guess the snowman is no longer white, but a Farley yellow.

Panel 3: Ignore the laundry room you have seen before in this comic strip, for today this laundry room has grown a giant window and someone has placed a bird feeder just outside the window.  Not only that but someone folded a giant basket of clothes and placed it on the floor where all the dog hair is.  Elly may look gobsmacked, but this one is all on her.  No pet owner is going to side with you on this panel. 

Panel 4: What is going on in this panel?:

  1. Farley killed an animal and left the remains on someone’s bed.

  2. Lizzie killed an animal and left the remains on her bed.

  3. Elly discovers where her leftover chicken went.

  4. This is what happens when you let the local witch doctor stay in your guest bedroom.

  5. The bed has made a human sacrifice in order to be allowed to escape out of the panel into our world.

Panel 5: It looks like someone forgot to take the garbage bags out to the back yard garbage pick-up area where Farley normally destroys them.  Elly may look angry, but this one is all on her.  Everyone knows Farley gets into the garbage.  Putting it inside while he is inside is just asking for trouble.

Panel 6: As a punishment, Elly throws Farley outside to menace the neighbourhood. 

Panel 7: Farley menaces the neighbourhood.  Elizabeth stands by and does nothing as Farley attacks a lady. 

Panel 8: Elizabeth stands by and does nothing as Elly attacks Farley .

Panel 9: Elly puts up her coat and tries to think of a bad pun that will salvage this terrible comic strip.  What's the meaning of the phrase “Every dog has its day”? Every dog, and by implication every person, has a period of power or influence.  Frankly that applies more to Elly than to Farley. 

Panel 10: Elly informs Farley that he is about to die and he seems to be very astonished to hear it.  Not to worry, Farl, it takes a while for Lynn Johnston to get around to killing you.

A dogge hath a day.
[1545 R. Taverner tr. Erasmus’ Adages (ed. 2) 63]