February 21st, 2019


Saturday, 23 February 2019

(Originally published Saturday, February 24, 1990)
Gordon comes back to the dance to find out that while he was gone, Michael has been entertained by drunken Peter, just as he hoped.

Panel 1: I have strong feelings about this panel.  First of all, I am irritated by the giant silhouette heads that take up most of the panel unnecessarily.  On the other hand, Michael’s hand on his hip and his come hither look at Gordon as he says, “Hey-y-y!” makes up for it all.  This panel is possibly the best panel Lynn Johnston drew in all of 1990.  What was Lynn thinking when she drew this one?  What in the world is Michael doing?:

a.  His body has been briefly taken over by Mae West

b. He has decided to do a sexy imitation of Arthur Fonzarell

c. Lynn Johnston thought she might try make Michael more seductive and effeminate and succeeded beyond her wildest dreams

d.  This is just the way boys act after seeing someone get drunk and screw up their life by fighting with the adults at a school dance

e.  Michael want to do the bump with Gordon.  Too bad, Martha!

Panel 2: The entertainment is that drunken Peter got into a fight with one of the chaperones or as they would say when I was in school, “Peter will never be seen at our school again and he may be arrested.”  Well, that’s hilarious Michael. 

Panel 3: Michael still thinks it was fun.  Martha looks back at Gordon and sideways at Michael and says, “He was being a real jerk.”  What I like about this is that given her body language, she could just as easily be talking about Michael.   In the background Darryl Smythe says the most realistic statement about Peter getting suspended.  Darryl Smythe?  Where are Brian Enjo or Lawrence Poirier when you need them? Oh wait!  I remember now that school dances are only for the white people.  (Yes, this was still a thing in 1990.  See the link).


Panel 4: Gordon makes a reference back to Mike saying, “A few drinks can liven up a party.”  The problem is that Michael never said that.  You have to go back last week to the comic strip that was not reprinted, where Michael says, “After a few drinks, you really have a ball!”  It’s little bit of a stretch to do a punchline based on a joke set up a week ago and even harder if the setup was not reprinted.

Summary: Yes, kids.  Remember, if you drink, Michael Patterson will think you are great.  That should motivate everyone to stay sober.