February 19th, 2019


Thursday, 21 February 2019

(Originally published Thursday, February 22, 1990)
This is one where Michael and Gordon wonder why their drunken entertainment in the form of Pete and Allyson is late arriving

Panel 1: Gordon returns and we learn that instead of going out and dancing, he has been standing by the doors waiting for the return of Peter and Allyson.  He is so excited by the opportunity to be entertained by them in their drunken state, that he completely ignores Martha and all the implications of Martha standing near Michael.   The colourist, on the hand, has had enough of colouring the red, white, and pink balloons and has returned them back to Lynn’s original uncoloured balloons.

Panel 2: Martha asks what is going on and this is mainly to give Michael an opportunity to remind the readers of the story from last week.  Michael declares that Pete and Allyson are blasted out of their minds, without actually having observed this.  I can only imagine why Michael would think this will be entertaining and that imagination has to do with observing his parents when they are drunk. One can also only imagine why Martha, after hearing this, would not be making tracks as far away from this sadistic boy as possible.

Panel 3: Michael and Gordon are ready for the drunken humiliation to begin, but only Pete is there.  Gordon leans to his left in anticipation of having to lean left in the next panel.   Who walks that way aside from Snagglepuss? 

At this point, you have to wonder about Gordon’s motivation.  Supposedly he likes Allyson, but standing by the door waiting for them to come back in tells us that Gordon is looking forward to their humiliation a little too much, as if he is seeking some kind of revenge on Allyson for ignoring him. 

Panel 4: Allyson has apparently moved from her spot behind the bleachers getting sick to just outside the door from the dance getting sick.  I would normally guess she has been vomiting, but I typically don’t put my hands in front of my mouth for that.   Maybe she is trying to hold in a sneeze or a cough.  She actually looks a little like a standing version of Rodin’s The Thinker.

Summary: Will Gordon realize that Allyson is a real person with real feelings?  Or will he turn creepy and start having fantasies about being a knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress and riding off with her?  If you guessed “creepy”, then you will not be disappointed.