February 18th, 2019


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

(Originally published Wednesday, February 21, 1990)

This is one where Martha demonstrates matter over mind, but since the mind is the mind of Michael Patterson, it’s not much of a contest.

Dialogue, this is a progression:
I’ll talk with her, but I won’t dance.
I’ll dance with her, but we won’t touch.
I’ll touch her, but I won’t like it.

The next one should be:
I’ll like it, but I won’t react as if I like it.

Visually the progression is not as clear
Panel 1: Still by the snack table. 

Panel 2: On the dance floor.  This one is the best one.  Even though Michael’s dancing style looks a little like he is laying an egg or has a bad case of the hemorrhoids, his dancing is still better than the girl in silhouette behind Martha who appears to be stomping bugs. 

Panel 3: Where did Martha’s left arm go?  It looks like the colourist got confused about whether that was Michael’s right arm or Martha’s left arm.  Hint:  If the arm doesn’t have stripes on it, it belongs to Martha.

Panel 4: Martha goes in for the kill. Victory!

Summary: Martha wins the battle.  Now, let’s take a look at the classic Hollywood versions with this same theme: