February 6th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 8 February 2019

When howling about the injustice of a girl on the pep squad dating the BMOC when she could have a scruffy ignoramus who screeches about hormone attacks, Gordon asks a question he ain'ta gonna like the answer to: "What's Peter got that I ain't got?"

Panel 1: A little while later, we find Mike telling Gordon to pack it in and forget about Allyson because, as everyone knows, she's going to the dance with Peter Kent.

Panel 2: Gordon causes Paul J of Saint John, New Brunswick to exclaim "Are you fucking kidding me?" when he reacts to the amazingly obvious with hostility and disbelief. He dismisses his social and genetic better as a jock and asks Mike why Allyson would want a basketball brain when she could have him instead.

The reason why I ask that question is that I do a really evil thing called remembering what Gordon has done and said in the past.

Panel 3: We then see Peter walk past them and see why she wants him: he's taller, looks better and carries himself with confidence.

Panel 4: Mike laughs as Gordon spouts defensive yapping about how he has a personality.

Summary: Yeah.....an obnoxious and entitled one. Peter might be a cad who leaves her in the lurch but he's never once howled about hormone attacks or bellowed in her face that she used to be a bowser.