February 3rd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

When calling Gordon out on why he's really stalking Allyson, Mike tells himself a self-serving. blame-deflecting lie.

Panel 1: It would appear that the science test Allyson 'made' Gordon fail by subjecting him to her dangerous pretty girl radiation was held just before lunch. That's because Mike notices that Gordon is going in a direction that doesn't lead to the cafeteria and points that out. Gordon offers the weak excuse that he thinks he left a book in Mr Larkin's class.

Panel 2: Mike sees right through this and blindsides Gordon by telling him that he really wants to go by Allyson's locker.

Panel 3: Since he's stupid enough to think he's fooling anyone, Gordon channels Elly and grabs Mike by the shirtfront because he thinks Mike is going to do to him what he, Brian and Lawrence did when Mike was jerking Martha around. Mike gets all obsequious and tells him that no, he's not going to give him the same hard time about it that he got.

Panel 4: As Gordon leaves, Mike thought-bubbles an untruth that he only thinks is true: "I liked a girl once."

Summary: No, Michael. You did not like Martha. You liked the idea of liking her but you never got to know her as a person. You accused her of playing games and laughing behind your back when she didn't respect the ridiculous note policy you inflicted on her. You subjected her to sadistic choices that you would not stand for. Above all, you're just plain incapable of loving anyone because you're the son of two people who don't know what love is either.