January 25th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Lynn continues her campaign to destroy Rod's reputation by having John unwittingly trash-talk a patient in front of her own sister.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the clinic today. As he and Jean work on a patient, John tells her that he saw two of his patients downtown today.

Panel 2: Rod is made out to be an oblivious dolt when John is baffled by the fact that for some reason that isn't his wearing a facial mask, none of his patients seem to recognize him outside of the office.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins after the procedure; John tells the woman (who I'll call Margie for convenience's sake) that it looks like we're done. Margie thanks Dr Patterson.

Panel 4: She accidentally sets the tone by hoping that she wasn't too much trouble because she knows she's not easy to work on.

Panel 5: He reassures her by saying that compared to some of his patients, she's a breeze.

Panel 6: As by way of example, he talks about the real twit that came in first thing this morning. This woman he's referring to drives him crazy.

As he says this, I remember the strips beforehand and afterward that have John talk about his miserable day at work dealing with teeming masses who exist to frustrate him. I also remember Rod Johnston pleading not to be made out to be an incompetent, angry twit.

Panel 7: I also remember that Lynn's dread that Rod will cheat on her makes it easy for her to make John a callous, inept buffoon when her turns into an arrogant jackass oozing contempt and grousing about how this woman gags and fidgets and complains about everything while her monster four year old destroys his waiting room. If he could, he'd drop-kick the pair of them off of a bridge.

Panel 8: This leads to Margie asking "Did you say that they came in the first thing this morning?"; since John is stupid, he doesn't realize that Margie doesn't exist in a vacuum and might know people he's never seen her talk to and smiles the smile of the innocent when asking why this is important.

Panel 9: When Margie tells him that the woman he wants to see dead because she's a minor inconvenience is her sister, John is gobsmacked because he realizes that he might have lost a patient by not having patience.

Summary: Once again, Lynn's panicky dread that she might be made a fool of and refusal to trust Rod lead her to destroy his image so as to soothe her feelings. To her, his need to be a healer and improve his community is a falsehood because all she can see is the possibility that he'd do to her what she did to Doug.