January 18th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Michael brainlessly sets himself up to fail another easy test by blowing off homework to the last possible second because he's a fucking moron.

Panel 1: We start things off with an establishing shot of the school bus letting two people off.

Panel 2: Having gotten off the bus, Mike waves to an indistinct shape.

Panel 3: A while later, we find Mike in the rec room watching the box listening to Elly remind him that he should study for the exam he has Monday.

Panel 4: Mike emits a chunk of bullshit about how it's Friday and he's got the whole weekend and if he starts now, he'll forget everything by Monday.

In the real world, Elly would answer that with an angry reminder that when he says something like this, it always means that he finds an excuse to put things off to the last second so he can fail and then blame her for his own poor work habits. Since this is the Foobiverse, she swallows his ordure but doesn't like it.

Panel 5: The next day, we see him getting ready to head out and waste time playing road hockey instead of buckling down. Elly gets all cringy and whiny when she reminds him that history's not his strongest subject so maybe he should go over his notes.

Panel 6: He whines that it's only Saturday and that the guys are waiting for him and he'll study later and a whole bunch of other bullshit that Elly meekly accepts.

Panel 7: When Elly comes in and starts him that it's Sunday and she hasn't seen him crack a book open, he takes a break from reading his funny book to yell that he'll study. Since I remember his shirk ethic, I know that this is a lie that will be defended by a stupid excuse that only a doormat like Elly would accept.

Panel 8: As Monday morning dawns, Elly hands him his lunch, tells him what day it is and says that she hopes that he knows enough to pass that test. Dorko McFistmagnet tells her to lay off.

Panel 9: Mike wonders what Elly's problem is because according to her, he didn't have any time to study at all.

He would also wonder what my problem is because I agree with her on this. Too bad for her that I think that she is why he didn't. He'd have had plenty of time if she wasn't a pushover who always folds when it really matters.

Panel 10: As the bus zooms down the road, the dolt thought-bubbles "If the lights are against us, I've got twenty minutes."

Summary: Yet again, we see how Elly's inability to follow through or check up or the like collides with Mike's being a goof off to make his life worse. He'll only be half right when he blames his failing mark on Elly.