January 13th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

We add to Lynn's mythos today when Anne blindsides Elly by making a panicky declaration that she thinks that Steve is cheating on her.

Panel 1: We fast-forward to a few days after Elly's laryngitis clears up so that we can watch Anne come over and tell her that she heard that she wasn't feeling well so here's a casserole.

Panel 2: As she puts her coat away, she says that she thought Elly could use some company after spending all that time as a shut-in.

Panel 3: As she gets the coffee ready, Elly thanks Anne because she could use some conversation to cheer her up.

Panel 4: Anne does provide a conversational topic but it's not one that cheers Elly up at all. This is because she gets all freaked out and tells Elly that she thinks that Steve is having an affair.

Summary: This is Day One of Phase One of the "getting the Nichols family out of the way because Sparky told her that she has too many characters" process. It starts here, continues on by removing Christopher from the playing field so he can be replaced by the inferior substitute called "Anthony" and ends with Anne getting work. This is also Day One of Lynn trying to convince herself that said process moved a lot quicker than it actually did.