January 10th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 12 January 2019

We end the week with John making a smart-ass remark about the family enjoying a break from Elly's incessant yapping about how everything they do is bad and wrong.

Panel 1: John starts out by trying to reassure Elly by saying that though she feels miserable now, after a few days' rest, she'll be right back to normal.

Panel 2: She smiles a little when he tells her to rest in the meantime. She shouldn't do anything or say anything at all.

Panel 3: Given the setting, we know to be suspicious of the comment he makes about how she shouldn't worry about him and the kids.

Panel 4: That's because we can see his smart-ass remark about how they'll just try to enjoy their break from her as long as possible coming. Since she doesn't, she's angered.

Summary: We get one strip of Liz not really reading the directions to the Kraft Dinner box and that's meant to establish that without her non-stop bitching, they'd starve and die in a pile of their own filth. This is so we can get to something important: two weeks of Anne blaming herself for Steve being a philandering piece of shit.