December 31st, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

It would appear that it's never occurred to the Pattersons to tell their children that home heating oil costs heavy coin because they're gobsmacked when Liz, who was never taught better, leaves the door wide the Hell open on a freezing cold day.

Panel 1: We continue on with our lecture about heating with a shivering Elly telling John that she just can't seem to get warm. It feels to her as if the wind were blowing right through the walls.

Panel 2: John feels for a draft around one of the windows and tells her that they might need new weatherstripping because the cold air is coming from somewhere.

Panel 3: When they get to the front hall, they're both horrified to see Liz standing at a wide the Hell open front door trading insults with Richard.

Summary: In my house, this would have led to my parents yelling "HEY! You tryin'to heat the outside or something?" In the Pattermanse, it leads to a reminder that John is like the worst person ever to try to talk about being responsible with money. He's almost as bad as the mother who resorts to using her comic strip to shame her kids months after they do something to bother her.....