December 29th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

New Years Eve 2018

We come to the strip I personally think should have been dropped today when Lynn tries to modernize Elly's wondering what will happen to the family in the nineties.

Panel 1: As John puts Liz to be for New Years' Eve night, we find Elly in a pensive mood today as she reminds him that they're on the threshold of a whole new year. Just between you and me, it sounded more inspirational when she said "whole new decade."

Panel 2: Elly wonders what the new decadeyear will be like. What wars, events and discoveries will they see? How will they change? What is to happen to them and their children.

Panel 3: John tells her not to worry so much because the decadeyear will pass the same way they all do...

Panel 4: Said way is one day at a time.

Summary: Back when I first saw this on New Years Day 1990, I shrugged, smiled a bit and dismissed it as the sort of greeting card platitude it is. This is because I had no more idea than anyone else what we'd be seeing in January 1991: Level 3 Liz (the one with the high pony tail and the glasses) filled with angst while staring at a crib and wondering why they put it in her room.