December 28th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 30 December 2018

For some reason, Lynn decided to replace a tribute to the New Years Day tradition of John and Elly riding The Hangover From Hell with Elizabeth making one of the last toddler-like misheard word jokes she's ever going to make.

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Liz sit at a coffee table humming to herself and scribbling something down in a coil notebook. Given that she's still in her nightgown, it's fairly early in the morning. Since her eyebrows are two parallel lines, it's safe to say that this is a new-run.

Panel 2: She then says "Nah!" as she rips the page out and tosses it aside.

Panel 3: Her thought-bubbling "Let's see...'I'm going to work harder in school.'" tells us that she's writing her resolutions for the coming year.

Panel 4: She rips the page out because she already works hard in school....or at least likes to think she does. Also, if a teacher says that she seems to have a hard time reading what's on the board without squinting, Teacher is a FINK who wants her to wear glasses and look STOOPID.

(Note to self: get someone to tell Lizardbreath about the word 'meganekko'="cuute girl with glasses.")

Panel 5: She then resolves to be a nicer person. I can get behind that because she's a Patterson and they could all stand to be nicer people.

Panel 6: She rejects that one because she already is kind of nice...well, sort of, anyway. (Nice, of course, is probably being defined as someone who isn't a presumptuous jerk who drinks from tumblers of purple mystery liquid without asking first because she tells people about M-birds.)

Panel 7: This leads her to resolve to do more chores.

Panel 8: Since she remembers that she can never do them to Elly's satisfaction, she audibly wails that she doesn't wanna do more chores.

Panel 9: This attracts Mike's attention; having heard the noise, he asks her what she's doing.

Panel 10: He then tries to puzzle out what she means when she says she's writing her New Years' Revolutions. If there are notes, Lynn will probably chortle about how 'Lizzie doesn't know that her life is about to be revolutionized that September' when explaining away this weak-ass misunderstood word 'joke'.

Summary: Since we know what the year will bring, her resolution should be to embrace change with something approaching grace. She will, of course, fall short of the mark because she has all of her parents' bad qualities and none of what little good ones they have.