December 24th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Boxing Day 2018

John makes a stupid fat joke at Elly's expense when she shows off the harem pants Georgia got her.

Panel 1: Boxing Day Morning finds Elly asking John what he thinks of the MC Hammer pants Georgia got her.

Panel 2: As she shows off how wide the legs get, she boasts that they're the latest style. Things should end when he says "Nice."

Panel 3: Things, sadly, do not end there. They continue on with him telling her that they're practical.

Panel 4: She scowls when he tells her that they give her room to grow. I scowl because this is going to lead to another unproductive argument that ends up with John whinging about being muzzled because he has to think about how people will feel before he opens his stupid fucking yap.

Summary: John never quite wants to understand that other people's feelings are real because doing so serves as a limit on his behaviour. Someone forgot to take him aside and explain that the right to swing your arm around ends at someone else's face, I take it. Also, he'll have plenty of time to deliver stupid-ass putdowns that remind us that he has no real respect for the feelings of others next year when THE CREATURE is germinating inside her.