December 17th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

We begin the "John puts off buying Elly's present until Christmas Eve Day like an idiot" arc with his using a mild joke to baffle Elly when explaining why he's making Liz his personal shopper.

Panel 1: A little while later, we find John and Elizabeth getting ready to go out. When Elly asks where they're going, he says that they're going for a little drive.

Panel 2: Since it's Christmas Eve Day and she remembers that John is a stereotypical sitcom husband who spends that day howling "What do you mean, tomorrow is Christmas?!" before running around in circles and buying his wife whitewall tires or a garbage disposal, Elly points out the fact that Liz seems awfully dressed up for a spin around the block and asks if she should be suspicious. John gets the closest he can to 'sly' and says "Perhaps."

Panel 3: He then makes a big show of saying "After you, Madame" and opening the door for Liz like he's the bloody butler.

Panel 4: He finishes off by making a facetious remark about wanting to be seen with a younger woman that you just know that Elly will take the wrong way.

Summary: As I said before, we're dealing with a sitcom plot about "John, the bog-standard idiot husband who leaves things to the last second and who has to be told not to buy crap that's a blatant admission that he has no blasted clue as to who the woman he married is."; it's just loaded down with what Lynn thinks is cuteness and what I think is Liz turning into Samurai Fourth-Grader.