December 13th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Elly's "reassuring" Liz by telling her that Mike will be impersonating an ingrown hair for the next seven years or so leads to the child wondering why they decided to have him first.

Panel 1: As she puts her coat and hat on, Liz asks Elly why Mike is such a creep sometimes. Elly states that he's a teenager now so he's going to have emotional ups and downs that drive them all crazy.

This is funny to me because Mike has been driving John and Elly crazy since he was in the womb.

Panel 2: When Liz asks how long it lasts, Elly says that it's for three to five years so it's all something they have to try to cope with.

This is funny to me because the only one asked to cope with it IS Liz. Elly and John cope by exploding at the least little thing and Liz copes by being an even bigger shit to April than Mike is to her. Also, this "three years" nonsense might explain why they thought that they were done raising April when she turned sixteen.

Panel 3: When Elly asks if there's anything else she'd like to know, Liz says that there is.

Panel 4: Elly stands there looking stupid when Liz asks why they didn't have her first.

Summary: In a year's time, Liz will be staring down the barrel of being the stereotypical neglected middle child. Between fawning over Mike and April while leaving her in the shadows, Elly's unhelpful advice and need to make her into a family retainer on the understanding that she can have a social life when April is in her twenties and John's problem hair bullshit, it's kind of no wonder Lizardbreath grew up to be worthless.