December 12th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 14 December 2018

Mike's being a snotty and unrepentant turd to Liz leads to her unhinging her jaw and yelling at Elly about wanting her own washroom.

Panel 1: As the kids eat their sugar cereal, Elly reminds us that it's too damned much like work to find out what's going on under her own damned roof by leaning in and squawking about how they should look at the time because they're going to miss the bus if they don't hurry. Since she's gone on record as not giving a shit about who's right or who started what because nothing kids do matters, I can't relate to her idiotic squawking.

Panel 2: Elizabeth tells Elly something she should already know about when she says that it's all Mike's fault because he takes forever doing his hair.

Panel 3: He turns into the smarmy, unrepentant little shitbag he's going to be until 2008 when he makes a snotty comment about how she should just get up earlier. If Elly were anything like a parent, she would shoot back that he doesn't pay any fucking rent so he doesn't get to block his kid sister from getting ready for school too just so he can slick his hair up.

Panel 4: Since she's not a parent, she just stands there like a shivering pillar of shit watching Liz unhinge her jaw and yell that she wants her own bathroom for Christmas with a dumb look on her stupid face.

Summary: We continue on with Elly being no God-damned help at all tomorrow when she more or less tells Liz to meekly accept the boorish behaviour that makes her explode. After all, Liz has yet to earn the right to explode because she has not yet given birth.