December 8th, 2018

Angry Candiru

Monday, 10 December 2018: Hey, Elly....just open a vein already!!!

Today's strip is abysmally depressing because Liz's attempt at spreading holiday cheer leads to a reminder that all Elly will allow herself to see during the holidays is the mess she has to clean up, the temptations cruelly placed in her way and the work she has to do.

Panel 1: We start things off with Liz doing one of the last 'toddler' jokes she's ever going to do when we see her sitting on the floor making paper snowflakes.

(In nine months, Elly's third pregnancy means that Liz will spend most of the rest of the strip as a moody pain in the neck convinced that the world is conspiring to make her die alone, unloved and forgotten because the toddler humor will be handed off to Aypo until Jon Benet learns to speak in coherent baby talk.)

Panel 2: She then tapes the snowflake to the window.

Panel 3: When Elly makes the scene, Liz has no idea why she isn't looking at the window when she says "See, Mom! I've made it look like it's snowing inside!" but is instead fixated on the detritus because it hasn't been immediately cleaned up.

Summary: My guess is that when Elly is in the last days of her life, she'll be angered by the injustice of it all because television and movies promised her magic when she became a mother and all she got was a feeling of disappointment. It will never occur to her that she pissed all the magic moments away feeling sorry for her stupid self because her children made messes without standing around all freaking day whining about how cruel and selfish and hateful they were to oppress their poor mother by, I dunno, making her house like it had kids in it or some other thing Elly finds horrible and wrong.