December 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Elly ends up getting run over by the wheels of justice anyway because she got a parking ticket for letting the meter expire.

Panel 1: As they leave Inverted Reality Court, Connie gets all giddy about how Elly won and is wonderful because she 'proved' that the car accident wasn't her fault. This is nonsense because the real reason is that the policeman who took her statement didn't bother showing up.

Panel 2: She then veers into Loving-Fair-Firm-And-Kind territory when she answers Elly's "I was?" with sheer drivel about how she's not someone they can fool around with because she's got nerve and guts.

Panel 3: Reality and Connie's mood come crashing down when she notices something wrong. Having seen her friend deflate causes Elly to ask her the reason.

Panel 4: What's wrong is that Elly got a parking ticket because the meter expired on her.

Summary: A sane person would see this as the coincidence it is. Since sanity is just a word in the dictionary she doesn't crack open because she knows English, Elly is of course going to see this as a sign that THE SYSTEM is cruel and unfair and wants to crush pooooooor weeeeeak people like her while criminals and anarchists who HATE EVERYTHING and DRESS THAT WAY TO SCARE HER get coddled. This is why she never does this again; Connie's nonsense about her having guts is as big a lie as her own statement that she's a loving, fair, firm and kind anything.