December 5th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 7 December 2018

Elly makes an annoying idiot of herself in court when Sullen does something he shouldn't and tosses the case for lack of evidence.

Panel 1: Sullen calls Elly and Pervrett to stand because he's about to deliver his verdict.

Panel 2: The verdict is sheerest wish fulfillment because he states that based on her diagram and the admissible testimony, an accident that was super-avoidable had Elly been paying anything like attention instead of day-dreaming and not assumed that people would know that she always has the right of way was not avoidable at all.

What Lynn never stopped to consider when she wrote this is that if in fact, the accident could not be avoided, the intersection is a death trap and must be redesigned immediately.

Panel 3: She and Connie are delighted that instead of holding them both to blame for the accident, he dismisses the case because no one is to blame (because that's what happens on television instead of in the real, messy world where you can't tell a Bad Man to leave town and have him disappear forever). This is nonsense because he probably did do 35 in a 30 zone and she wasn't looking where she was going because she didn't think that she had to.

Panel 4: Finally, instead of being gavelled down for being out of order, Elly is merely told to save her "Yahoo!!, WE DID IT" for when she's outside the court room.

Summary: Now that Inverted Reality Court has dished out bullshit justice, we can look forward to reality reasserting itself because Elly forgot to feed the meter.