December 4th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 6 December 2018

As Sullen weighs the facts of the case, Elly confuses his wishing that he were fishing with concentrating on her side of the story.

Panel 1: Having tried to understand Elly's rainy day crafts projects of a traffic diagram, listened to her biased testimony and absorbed her stupid inability to understand the rules of evidence, Sullen harrumphs "I see" and tells Elly to be seated.

Panel 2: Having returned to her seat, Elly notices that Sullen is taking his time making a decision. Since she didn't listen to Connie's statement about how judges always look angry, she thought-bubbles that he looks intense. This, she thinks, must be due to his weighing her farce of a testimony, considering every bit of the conjecture she calls detail and comparing every note.

Panel 3: Having noticed that his eyes are narrowing and that he seems to be concentrating, she wonders if he's about to deliver his verdict. This is agony to her and she wishes that she knew what he was thinking.

Panel 4: As he stares at her baffling diagram, we see him imagining himself having a fine old time going fishing.

Summary: This is (as John Jamele said) Lynn taking a big old swipe at judges for being pompous frauds in bathrobes who don't know what they're doing because if they did, they'd realize that Lynn is SPECIAL and laws that apply to people not endowed with her rare gift of communing with muses should never apply to HER.