December 3rd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Sullen doesn't know what to panic about the most: Elly's ultra-biased testimony or the fact that she doesn't understand that she waited until now to give it.

Panel 1: As he looks at Elly's diagram, Judge Sullen wants Elly to confirm that as far as she knows, Pervrett came around the side of the bus and past a parked car (that Lynn didn't draw) as he entered the intersection. She says "Yes" in response.

Panel 2: She then loads her testimony with leading phraseology as she tells the court that he was going pretty fast. In fact, he blasted around that bus and came screaming into the intersection. One would expect that when Sullen gavels her down and says "Wait!!", he's about to caution her about using loaded words like that.

One would also hope that he'd point out that there was no way Elly could see how fast he was going because her mind and attention were anywhere but on the road.

Panel 3: He comes close to pointing out that her testimony is loaded with facts not in evidence when he states that none of this is in the police report. This turns him into a straight man for a joke out of a screwball comedy from the forties.

Panel 4: She talks to him like he's a big idiot when she says "Of course not! The police didn't get there until after it happened!!" This example of sitcom nonthink staggers Judge Sullen.

Summary: I don't know what's worse: Elly not understanding the concept of testifying to the police or her use of dog-whistle terms to blame Pervrett for her own lack of due diligence. Also, it's not just Night Court that's her muse. It's also comedy films from the thirties and forties.