December 1st, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 3 December 2018

We begin another week of error by having Lynn not understand which way the court actually is.

Panel 1: We start by having the wrong damned lawyer come to the right damned conclusion when Pervrett's legal counsel states that Mrs Patterson is responsible for the accident because she failed to exercise due caution when she made that left turn. He's obviously wrong though because he's ugly and has Teeth Of Evil.

Panel 2: We then switch to the defence phase when Sullen asks Elly if she'd like to respond in her defence. When she says that she would, she's told to approach the bench.

Panel 3: Having been briefed about Elly's overly complex and confusing diagram, Sullen asks her if she'd care to show it to the court.

Panel 4: When she shoves in it his face without letting everyone else see it, he angrily tells her that the court is the other way.

Summary: What's going on here is that Lynn clearly doesn't understand that "the court" can be taken to mean Judge Sullen. This is probably why she made that squawking noise about how she doesn't understand legal terminology because she thinks the court means everybody so the judge is trying to trick her.