November 30th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Christmas shopping with Michael is complicated by the fact that he's at the "clamming up because every time he opens his mouth, his parents fly off the handle" phase and also because he's discovered something Elly hopes he wouldn't: girls.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the Eastwood Mall watching Elly do some Christmas shopping with Michael. As they head to the entrance, Mike asks her if she could please walk a few feet ahead of him when they get there.

Panel 2: He angers her by stating that he doesn't want people to think that he's going shopping with his mother. Since he's dim, this means that he doesn't realize that he can expect an angry lecture when they get home about how long and painful labour was and how he's a horrible monster no one can or should love because he cares about what his friends think more than he loves her.

Panel 3: When they pass the sporting goods store, she tries to strike up a conversation by asking him his opinion of the new ski equipment and if he likes the colours.

Panel 4: Since he's at the "Jeez, lay off!!!" stage of life, he gives her a non-committal "I guess so" as a disappointing response.

Panel 5: He continues to disappoint her by saying "Sometimes" when she asks if he's ever shopped at the headache music store.

Panel 6: He shrugs indifferently when she shows him a sweater she thinks he'll like.

Panel 7: As they continue on, Elly thought-bubbles that Christmas shopping for Mike gets harder every year.

Panel 8: We see her with her back turned to him as he smiles at two girls his age when she wishes that he'd give her some indication as to what he actually likes.

Summary: If memory serves, I used to think that my parents were Nazi space monsters (when they were just merely vaguely racist like Archie Bunker) whose opinions were useless because they were too old and too cruel to understand the yapping dunce I was back then; since Elly is a yapping dunce, she doesn't want to admit that dealing with a kid who doesn't want an earful of her guano is an occupational hazard because she thinks that her life should be a minimum cinch. Also, as howtheduck says, it looks as if Lynn is suggesting that Elly should hire a hooker to service Mike for Christmas.