November 29th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Elly's confusing the Crown Prosecutor with someone from Legal Aid leads to a glum thought-bubble about how the legal system is stacked against pooor weak old women like her.

Panel 1: Lynn's need to take a swipe at the legal profession by having Pervrett's lawyer say that Elly commanded her vehicle (SEE!! THEY DON'T SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH!!!!) is probably meant to distract us from the fact that he had the light in his favour when he and Elly ran into one another at the intersection of Weston and Southcott.

Panel 2: This causes another man to approach the bench and ask Sullen if he can say a few words. Since Elly has no idea who he is, she violates protocol by asking "Excuse me?"

Panel 3: She then displays her ignorance of her surroundings (as well as Lynn's of the legal system in general) by stating that she doesn't believe she's met him and presumptuously asking if he's been appointed to help her. He shuts her down by icily telling her that he's the prosecutor. This causes Elly to become crestfallen because, as howtheduck says, she acts as if the court system is like a store she's going to for the first time and expects someone to recognize that she's out of her depth and help her.

Panel 4: As he speaks, Elly thought-bubbles that she's about to be run over by the wheels of justice because she thinks Pervrett has two lawyers and she doesn't have any. This tends to put a pin in her thinking that she's at the justice store and the staff aren't friendly.

Summary: What we're looking at here is a rather dim person who thinks that they should make things 'fair' by simply assigning someone to help her. Given that she also thinks that people have no business watching her crush the evil hippie monster who was clearly at fault because he had long hair, I think justice does get served next Saturday.