November 28th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 30 November 2018

A rather tepid lawyer joke is made because Lynn and Elly are baffled by words of more than one syllable.

Panel 1: As I said the other day, Lynn's breezy assumption that her super-awkward divorce proceedings were How Things Work is why instead of the Crown Prosecutor having stated the facts first, Sullen will allow Elly to make her objection after Pervrett's lawyer reads them.

Panel 2: Despite interlarding his statement with the pompous jabbering that is Lynn's idea of legal language, the man makes it rather obvious that Pervrett was southbound on Weston as Elly was making a westbound turn on Weston onto Southcott Street West.

Panel 3: He then says that the school bus was ahead of Pervrett and making an eastbound turn onto Southcott East while Pervrett himself was in the northwest quarter of the intersection. (This means that for some reason, Southcott is divided into Southcott St W and E at Weston.) Since Sullen understands this, he says "I see" in order to get the man to continue.

Panel 4: Since compass directions mean little or nothing to Elly, she states that she should have hired a lawyer after all because her explanation makes sense...mostly because the facts suggest that she slept-walked her way into colliding with a man who had the right of way.

Summary: Since she uses words like rocketing past the bus and the like, I think she's flattering herself shamelessly. I also think that she means that making sense means that she isn't in the wrong here.