November 27th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 29 November 2018

When Pervrett's mouthpiece uses the defence "Throw Ma Kettle under the bus", Elly makes an ass of herself by not understanding that the real world ain't nothing like Night Court or Judge Judy.

Panel 1: We start things off with an error in terminology that is derived from Lynn's inability to understand that divorce proceedings are not like going to traffic court. This is because instead of the proper phrasing of "R vs Patterson", Sullen says that the court will now hear the case of Pervrett V Patterson. Another error stemming from her thinking that all legal proceedings are the same is that instead of the Crown Prosecutor announcing himself, Doug's......I mean Pervrett's lawyer tells the Justice Of The Peace presiding that who he represents and that he thinks that Elly is representing herself.

Panel 2: The error continues because instead of stating that Elly is charged with making an illegal left turn, the man takes a creamy dump all over the presumption of innocence and flat out says that she's guilty of making one. Elly's response is to yell "I object!!!" My response to that is to wonder why she isn't immediately sent to jail for contempt of court because she isn't allowed to object to the charges against her.

Panel 3: Lynn goes on to remind us that she has no real idea that she isn't living in America Junior when Sullen tells her if she wants to object to anything, she's supposed to stand and say "Your honour"; this is, as I've said, due to the fact that she doesn't know how we address justices of the peace in this big-ass, empty country of ours.

Panel 4: Elly continues to bring the stupid (and causes Connie to despair for her) when she yells "ON MY HONOUR, I OBJECT!!!"

Summary: I think the underlying premise of this is that Elly succeeds in spite of her having only the vaguest idea of what's going on around her. We find that out tomorrow when a simple statement of the facts that seems almost to let her off the hook sails over her head and makes her think that she's going to be forced to parade around and yell that women shouldn't drive. Any more stewing in her own juices and she'll be living in fucking Gilead.....