November 24th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 26 November 2018

We begin the second week of the arc demonstrating why Connie is there. This is because her job is quite clearly to settle Elly down because she just realized that other people get to watch her contest her traffic ticket.

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the Law Courts. As she and Elly approach a door marked "Provincial Traffic Court", Connie tells her that they've arrived at Courtroom 3.

Panel 2: Having noticed something she never expected because it's not something she's ever seen on Judge Judy's Night Court, a baffled and horrified Elly asks Connie who all the other people in the room are and what they're doing there. Connie explains that they're there for the same reason she is and are all contesting traffic tickets.

Panel 3: Her dread of making an ass of herself in front of people she cannot shout down or threaten lends a tinge of panic to her voice when she asks if they all get to watch her confrontation with Evil Biker Monster Dude. Connie points out that as a public place, anyone can come to a courtroom.

Panel 4: Her fear of public humiliation is why she tells Connie that she feels funny. Since Connie doesn't actually care what makes her feel awkward, she tells Elly she's going to ask that guy in the back where he got his coffee.

Summary: This is what thinking that life is television got her. It's obvious that in her mind, she'd not have a bunch of eyes boring into her as she defends herself from the Scary Man who deliberately ran into her because that's what people who dress the way he does do. It's like how she felt like she was being flayed alive when she made that speech about the Old Town Hall.