November 23rd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 25 November 2018

We get another dialogue-free strip that castigates Katie and Aaron for being selfish and inconsiderate; this is because we end another day shopping with the kids with them leaving Elly to carry everything in because as chaos-loving monster children, that's how they demonstrate their hatred for their poooooooooooor mother.

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Elly, Michael and Elizabeth do some Christmas shopping today. Their first stop is a child's clothing store; as the clerk holds up one of the sweaters that are on sale, Liz expresses her delight with the one she's trying on.

Panel 2: Elly pays for the sweater.

Panel 3: When they pass a shoe store, Michael points at the pair he wants.

Panel 4: We next find the group at Philpotts' as Liz points out the bargain buys at the holiday treats display.

Panel 5: Next, we see Elly paying for a new pair of slacks for Michael.

Panel 6: They conclude their outing at Megafoods as Liz points out more ingredients for John's Big Bowl Of Yuck.

Panel 7: Elly smiles as they drive home. Given the need Lynn has to make Elly the victim of ALL victims, surpassing all others that have ever lived or ever shall, it would be good if it ended here. It does not.

Panel 8: This is because when they get home, the kids slam the car doors and rush into the house at near-relativistic speeds.

Panel 9: This is so we can be treated to Angry Elly stupidly trying to carry everything in at once so she can be even angrier at her selfish little monster children.

Summary: We can look forward to notes about entitled little godlings who think that carrying in one shopping bag makes them slaves. We cannot look forward to notes that point out that endless braying about how she is expected to work and work and work and how they're carrying things in wrong and putting them away wrong because they HATE her and want her to suffer is why no one likes helping a histrionic lunatic in love with martyrdom. This way lies yelling "No! NO! NO!!!! OKAY!!!" in a driveway whilst holding up an ice scraper like a sceptre of failure, lack of foresight and entitled, passive-aggressive stupidity.