November 21st, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 23 November 2018

Elly's dread of being run over by the wheels of justice makes her too damned angry to mash potatoes; she's also angry at Mike for asking why she's angry.

Panel 1: It's nearly suppertime so we find Rage-Faced Elly asking someone to kindly hold the pot while she mashes the spuds.

Panel 2: Mike has been volunteered for this task so he stands there looking in horror as his mother takes out her frustration about her situation on the potatoes.

Panel 3: Since he doesn't know about the parking ticket or the fact that John is his usual unsupportive self, he must be wondering what he himself has done because this probably would not be the first time she mashed potatoes with muscular aggression while picturing herself pounding him into pemmican.

Panel 4: Having noticed that for some reason that he hopes ain't him, she's boiling over with rage, he surprises and confuses her by asking "You're not uptight or anything, are you, Ma?"

Summary: That's one "spuds", one "Ma" and one more example of Elly not noticing that people notice when she's pissed off at something. Also, it's not Mike she's like to mash into squadoo today. It's the long-haired idiot who she thinks is behind this and the asshole husband who wants her to meekly allow him to win she'd like to pulverize.