November 20th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

American Thanksgiving 2018

John is confused by the arts and crafts project that helps Elly beat the rap because he also doesn't know that he's in a sitcom wherein her victory over The Man has a "Here we go again" ending.

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching John ask Elly what the sheet of poster board that she's got in her hands is supposed to be. She explains that it's a diagram of the accident which she intends to show to the judge.

Panel 2: Paul J of Saint John, New Brunswick asks himself what the flying fuck John expects a diagram to look like when he says that it's all covered in flaps and and arrows and patches and dotted lines. Elly doesn't realize that her meal ticket is a damned hillbilly really when she explains that she knows this.

Panel 3: She also doesn't understand what it means when she says that she wants to make it clear what happened confuses her moron husband who probably thinks that she's going to confuse the judge and lose.

Summary: If you wanted to know why Elly spends the rest of the arc worried about being run over by the wheels of justice, here's the answer. She's married to a pea-brain whose message is "You'll lose and be humiliated and that will destroy my reputation because having to be told to pay a parking ticket is far worse than being a God-damned ignorant jackass who loaded his car with garbage on the way to his brother-in-law's wedding to save money."