November 19th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

After listening to Connie's sound-bite about how the women's movement neither of them have real sympathy for has empowered them, Elly reveals her true colours by wondering what outfit will make people take her seriously.

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the middle of a conversation Elly is having with Connie about her wanting to go to court to fight what she mistakenly thinks is Pervrett teaming up with The Man to make her admit that she's a bad driver. Since Connie also doesn't know that all that's happening is that two idiots are wasting the court's time, she praises Elly for standing up for her rights.

Panel 2: We then get a wall of text about how this is what the Women's Movement has done for people like them. It's given them strength, it's given them courage and the determination to stand up for what they believe in (unless it demands actual sacrifice [like having to cope with a gay son] whereupon they revert to meek little housewives who let a big strong man do their thinking). Since Elly is also nominally feminist until it gets in her way, she yells "Right!" like she's Cyclops reacting to something Professor X said.

Panel 3: Elly then says that she knows what she wants to say and how to say it but has one important question for Connie. Connie asks what it is.

Panel 4: Since she's forgotten that most of Lynn's base use the words "spidery" and "man-hating" when describing the feminist they picture as an unkempt slattern, she's gobsmacked when Elly asks her what she should wear.

Summary: This is somehow meant to make a lie of her commitment to the movement. That being said, she can't go wrong with what she normally wears. After all, her default outfit is "stereotypical dowdy librarian" so she'll at least look as if she has some sense.

Lynn Johnston: Does she walk to work?

The first letter from Lynn:
LETTER: Cross at your peril
North Shore News
DECEMBER 3, 2017 08:00 AM
Dear Editor
Somebody is going to die on St. Georges Avenue. With traffic using this vertical speedway as an alternate to Lonsdale Avenue, everyone is at risk. Cars don’t stop for pedestrians (except for Keith Road and beyond where there are stop signs and crosswalks) and some pedestrians don’t watch for cars. Crossing or turning onto lower St. Georges is another game of chance as you inch forward, hoping to see past parked vehicles. Some of these are trucks – too big to see over, too long to see around. Somebody is going to die on St. Georges ... and it just might be me.

Lynn Johnston
North Vancouver

The second letter from Lynn:
LETTER: Cross at your peril no more
North Shore News
AUGUST 23, 2018 09:46 AM

Dear Editor
A short while ago, I sent a letter to the North Shore News about the perils of crossing the road at Fifth Street and St. Georges Ave.

You published my letter.

I then received a note from the City of North Vancouver’s traffic division saying they would look into the matter.Last week, I was stopped in my tracks! There for all to enjoy is a real pedestrian crosswalk. WoooHooo! I wanted to thank the North Shore News for publishing my note and to the City of North Van for taking the comment seriously. At one time, “crossing over” might have meant the “great divide.” Now it simply means getting to the other side of the street. I want to thank you and the city for your help in this matter!

Lynn Johnston
North Vancouver

My comment:

Looking at a map of North Vancouver, the source of Lynn’s complaint dumbfounded me until I had the map software give me directions from Lynn’s house to the office building where Kate runs Lynn’s business.  Lo and behold, the pathway can cross Fifth Street and St. Georges Avenue and is a good 1.3 mile walk.   Impressive.  In Lynn’s second letter she calls out this intersection and makes it clear that she is a walker.  In Lynn’s first letter she does not mention Fifth Street and she pretends she is a driver.

We know that Lynn doesn’t drive, so given these 2 letters, does Lynn Johnston walk to work?  And why wouldn't her daughter, Kate drive her to work?