November 17th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 19 November 2018

We begin the "Elly's Day In Court" arc with an updated topical reference that still reminds us that Lynn has no idea how the court system in her home and native land actually works.

Panel 1: As John goes over the bills for the month, he calls Elly's attention to the fact that she has yet to pay the ticket for the car accident. She tells him that she knows this because she doesn't plan on doing so.

Panel 2: When he asks her why, she explains that it would be like admitting that the car accident is her fault and it wasn't (completely) her fault in the least.

Panel 3: For some reason, he's filled with despair because she'll have to go to court. Moreso because she's prepared to defend herself.

Panel 4: He then says something that baffles me by pointing out that she'd be doing so without a lawyer before asking her how she's prepared to defend herself in a court of Canadian law. In the original, she cheerfully stated that she watches Night Court but Stephanie has revised that to Judge Judy.

Summary: What won't be revised are notes that get all defensive about how Lynn is misrepresenting the legal system in this country. As a for instance, she doesn't know that we don't have attorneys-at-law up here. What we do have are barristers (who appear in court) and solicitors (who do not) and that barristers also wear robes. Why, she doesn't even call the presiding magistrate "Your Worship."

Also, as a professional in the real world, John would almost certainly have legal representation already so we wouldn't have to prove that someone who defends herself has a fool for a client.