November 15th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 17 November 2018

We end this stupid arc with John trying to jolly Elly into not wanting to murder her horrible children for stupidly stealing yet another victory from her by the masterstroke of insisting that dogs are fated to get covered in shit and it can't be prevented.

Panel 1: When John gets home, Elly tells him that she had Farley groomed today and wishes that he could have seen him when he was clean and beautiful. John mutters a non-committal "Yeah, too bad" in response.

Panel 2: Because yet another chance to win and be happy has been stolen from her, Elly rages about how it makes her so angry. John tries to settle down the little woman by telling her that she can't expect a dog to stay out of the dirt.

This, of course, is a load of old bollocks because you so can keep a dog out of the dirt. All you need to do is not blindly open the door every time he gets close to it and keep track of his comings and goings instead of being a fucking hillbilly like the Pattersons are.

Panel 3: Yes, sir, he says, the family dog, he sheds, he stinks, he tracks in much but you know you love him anyway. The subtext of this treacly nonsense is that it's futile to even try to pretty him up because he's just going to get dirty anyway so smile and admit defeat and wait for the next not actually unpreventable (despite the Pattersons' clear belief otherwise) onslaught.

Panel 4: We end with a stupid sight gag that reveals that John has forgotten to take off his shoes and has tracked in more mud for Elly to clean up.

Summary: I guess that's another onslaught that she can't possibly prevent either. No damned wonder Liz left the door open. Her whole family is stupid and negligent and Elly is too dumb to stop it. Eventually, Farley dies of this.