November 9th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Remembrance Day 2018

For some reason, we get a dialogue free mess that starts with Farley begging for food and ends with John getting a nasty surprise in his slippers.

Panel 1: We start things off with Farley watching Mike staring in the fridge in the hopes that he can will the stuff he'd like to eat to appear.

Panel 2: Since that doesn't actually work, he settles for an apple.

Panel 3: Farley looks on with a longing look on his face as Mike noisily eats the apple while reading an issue of Nacho Man comics.

Panel 4: Mike is confused when he looks at Farley's face; this is because the dog looks as if he's starving to death.

Panel 5: Rather than admit that training him to eat people food like an idiot got him in this mess, Mike gets all irritated.

Panel 6: He then does something that sets off alarm signals in my head by using the dog as a garbage disposal. Five bucks says that if there are notes, Lynn will get all fucking smug and simper that no dog poisoned to death by apple seeds wrote into complain so our concerns are utterly invalid and why do we hate her anyway.

Panel 7: Farley turns into a short confused guy in a suit and stops eating the apple because it tastes yuck.

Panel 8: Farley saunters down the hall with the offending item in his mouth.

Panel 9: He spits the core into someone's slippers out of disgust and spite.

Panel 10: John is horrified because there's something wet and slimy and dog-poop like in his slippers.

Summary: Today's exercise in cringe comedy seems to be Lynn trying to see how close she can get to laughing at John when he finds dog crap in his footwear. What a lovely way to honour both of our nation's veterans.