November 8th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 10 November 2018

We end the week with a cartoonish sight gag that not only doesn't make the blindest bit of sense, it also assumes that the victim is a flat-out cretin.

Panel 1: We begin to see part of the problem Elly has with Farley when she tries going "Here, boy" to coax him out of the alley. Not only is he too fast for her, he's also terrified of her.

Panel 2: As he struggles to get away from LOUD ALWAYS ANGRY THING and whatever painful thing it has planned for him, Rage-Faced Elly is filled with rage when she snarls "Oh, for Heaven's's only a bath and a brushing! What are you worried about?!" because it never once occurred to her that dogs have an instinctive dread of being drowned.

Panel 3: We switch from Elly being Girl Fred Flintstone to something really stupid. Said really stupid thing is the woman at the salon reeling in horror when it looks as if Farley is telling her that he's here for his ten o'clock appointment. Since a woman's voice is coming out of Farley's mouth and since someone is carrying him, she'd have to be either the stupidest person alive or stoned out of her mind not to know that the voice she hears is coming from whoever is carrying the dog.

Panel 4: That being said, we end up having Elly ask "Hello?" because the woman has fainted dead away 'because the dog spoke to her.'

Summary: I should think that this might be the other occasion that occasions notes. Notes about haters who told Lynn that the woman came across as being a cartoon moron who took a creamy dump all over their willing suspension of disbelief.