November 6th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Elly's need to take Farley to the groomer because she can't be bothered with doing stupid things like "keeping him from roaming around unsupervised" collides with John's need to take ridiculous shortcuts and results in a stupid sight gag.

Panel 1: Since for some reason that escapes her, Farley acts as if he's intense pain when she brushes him gently, Elly declares that she's had it and can't do anything so the dog has to be taken to a professional groomer. Since Farley is a cartoon dog today, he reacts to this by being afraid.

Panel 2: Since John's head is stuffed with idiotic life hacks designed to save money and also to be fucking ridiculous and destructive, he boggles at the expense of not making Farley look butt fucking ugly and asks if it wouldn't be cheaper simply to shave him down.

Panel 3: Rather than ask her idiot husband what his deal is with shaving dogs down, Elly points out that winter is coming and asking him how Farley is supposed to stay warm.

Panel 4: When John bundles a disgruntled Farley in a snow hat, scarf and sweater, he deflects Elly's comment that her mother made those by saying that they're his colour.

Summary: The difference between John's stupid suggestions and Red Green's idiotic inventions is that Steve Smith was aware that Red was a bit of an idiot. Since Elly's only objection to shaving Farley down is that it'll be cold soon, I think that Lynn doesn't get that John is being a moron.