November 2nd, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Today's Sunday strip displays hopeless social maladroit Mike's lack of anything like manners, intellect and self-awareness in full bloom against a leafy-green background of thinking that his family exists to make him look like a fool.

Panel 1: We start things off with John, Elly and Liz getting ready to go out. As they do so, John tells Mike that the three of them are going out to dinner and asks him if he'd like to come with them. Mike says "Sure."

Panel 2: Mike then pretty much writes the strip by thought-bubbling that there's nothing else to do.

Panel 3: We find ourselves at a Chinese restaurant which I'll call the Happy Lucky Golden Dragon. As the others order, Mike thought-bubbles that there he is on a Saturday night with his parents and his dumb sister before hoping that they don't do anything to make him look stoopid.

This is funny to me because Mike was born stupid and Meredith and Robin will eventually have to pay to have their flat-out incurable moron of a father cremated; this means that he doesn't need their help looking stupid because he can manage that his own damned self.

Panel 4: Mike proves me right by rolling his damned eyes in theatrical despair because Elizabeth brought her doll to the restaurant. Trying to get the idiot to explain exactly why it's wrong would be like asking him exactly what image he's trying to protect.

Panel 5: He then mopes because John is trying to order in Chinese and asks our pardon as he dies a thousand deaths. This is all kinds of dumb because it's just good manners to at least try to order a food item in the host language name.

Panel 6: Mike is an equal opportunity malcontent because Elly's need to remind the family of how to do something they don't do much makes her famous chopstick demonstration a war crime of sorts.

Panel 7: We get back to that being stupid part as he slurrrrrrrps down his cola beverage.

Panel 8: As he wipes his face on the back of his hand like the ignorant God-damned pig he is, he whines about the cruelty of being out with people who make a point of embarrassing his dumb ass in public.

Summary: This combination of being completely unaware of being a disgusting freak while picking apart others for minor annoyances is not just for driving a wedge between him and his family; it's also why his love life is a chaos. He does nothing but make a huge fool of himself but blames other people because he's too stupid to notice that he needs a spotter to breathe.