October 29th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Halloween 2018

Elly doesn't realize that the kids are listening in to hear the argument she and John are having about the car because as evil children (who as all children do hate and yearn to see the destruction of the woman who gave up her life for them), they're twitchingly eager to hear her cries of pain and sorrow.

Panel 1: It's late at night and we find Mike and Liz in their pajamas standing next to a closed door. As he listens in to a conversation he's not meant to, Liz asks Mike if Mommy is tellin'Daddy 'bout the accident. He says yes and that she's at the part about the school bus.

Panel 2: When she asks "What now?", Mike tells Liz that Elly says that she didn't see the other guy until he hit her.

Panel 3: Liz is panicky and Mike is delighted when John screams "NOT MY SPORTS CAR!!!"

Panel 4: We switch to a look at Rage-Faced Fucktard John boil over as Elly warns him that he'll wake the children.

Summary: What Elly doesn't get is that he ain't mad at her because he regards her as ballast really. The guy he wants to vent his spleen on is the moron who killed his baby and also almost killed his wife.