October 28th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

John's whining about how awful his trip was leads to his accidentally outing himself as hating the life he leads.

Panel 1: As Elly hands John a cup of coffee and as Liz puts a pair of sunglasses on Farley, John whines "Boy, what a trip! Everything went wrong."

Panel 2: As Michael reacts in horror to Farley in shades, John tells Elly that he didn't have a reservation at the hotel (which is his fault for being stupid) and the guest speaker they were looking forward to hearing never showed up (which is something that is no one's fault).

This means that John has turned into a villain who wants us to feel sorry for him because he didn't get his own way all the time.

Panel 3: As Mike yanks his sunglasses out of Liz's hands and yells at her touching his stuff, John says that had a miserable time.

This makes him even worse a person because he just got mildly inconvenienced by having it rubbed in his face that people aren't actually going to scurry around for him because he yells his name. He's not going to get his shit wrecked by a tank-brained thug twice his size because he touched his stuff.

Panel 4: As we see another big ball of "harmless" violence as yet again Mike tries to dismantle a girl half his size for a stupid, shameful reason, Negligent, Self-Absorbed Asshole Dad John says that he might as well have stayed home.

Summary: Given the petty meanness that informs most of his interaction with the family makes that mean "Why did I travel to have a crummy time?" instead of "I would have had a better time here."

Also, shouldn't he be doing something about Mike's trying to murder Liz for a shit-stupid reason if he wants to at least pretend to be sympathetic? I mean, he's already alienated people by being too stupid to live so he could at least redeem himself by telling Mike to cut the fucking bullshit and keep his grubby paws off his sister.